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"Transpotting" in Sighisoara : A One year journey (part 4)

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Autumn : Full of nostalgia and accepting that the end is near.

Autumn was a busy time. We welcomed new volunteers again, for a short term project based on health and sexual education. We had to create tiktok in teams of three to display information useful for youngsters. I had a lot of fun coming up with creative ideas to get our messages. I alsohad a great team that helped a lot ahah. This new group was extremely creative overall, and we proved time and time again that we know how to think outside the box. I remember during Halloween, we had to come up with content to put in social media. We also had to film a horror movie and create the story, our costumes etc. and decorated our office beautifully. We had to be ready very quickly and we basically prepared almost everything in one day. It was honestly onethe best days I experienced there.

there was a great bond and chemistry in our group

I was also engaged throughout November in two theater plays. One was in Romanian about gender discrimnation – and the other was a reenact of Alice in Wonderland. I spent a great time doing all of this. I was an actor in both of them so i had to live up to the challenge which obviously I did ahah. The Alice play was honestly the last highlight of my stay because it really felt like a cohesive project we were all enjoying. We had a costume, make up and scenography department that did a fantastic job to help us -the actors- to get in characters. I played a secondary role but it was very iconic!! I completely enjoyed myself during the entire process. It was also so refreshing and inspiring to see everyone so committed about their work and doing their best. I think it's because there was a great bond and chemistry in our group so it helped a lot.

My last two months were honestly so full of emotions, it was crazy. I think I spent the best two months

I could possibly imagine. I had so many parties, fun, bonding moments, and meaningful conversations.

I think also knowing I was near the end of my stay made me appreciate the people and the place even more. I tried to enjoy in my own ways everything around me. But also, the nostalgia hit me pretty hard.

I had a lot of time to reflect and look back at everything. I think I saw how much I was attached to this place. My heart was not ready to leave there yet. It really was my home. I left after one year, the 10th of December.

I genuinely feel this experience changed my life !!

I honestly was looking back at who I was when I arrived and the person I became, and I'm definitely more mature. I grew up in unexpected ways and I needed that. I genuinely feel this experience changed my life and for the better. I understand myselfand others much more. I feel more empowered, confident and ready for whatever life throws at me. I also, as I said, I met so many great peopleand I'm so grateful for that.

You do you

So all of this to say thank you Asociatia AUM. I will be forever grateful for this experience. If you doubt about doing a long term or short term abroad, its normal, but I can only advise you to go for it. You will not regret it as long as you are open to the things that will happen to you there. Always be ready to learn something about you and others. Have fun, make the best of the time out of the time that you have. Always remember as I loved to say in Sighisoara:"You do you: whatever that means to you."

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