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About us

The Voluntar în Transilvania Blog has been designed for people that are currently living their volunteering experience or have previously had such an experience in Transylvania, Romania.

The main purpose of this platform is to promote volunteering and solidarity among people. By offering a virtual space where all the volunteers from the Transylvania area can share their stories, can talk about their solidarity projects and activities, can interact and connect, we aim to increase visibility over the benefits of volunteering (for the individual and for the community).

Through this blog we would like to strengthen the volunteers community of Transylvania and provide insight to people who are interested in volunteering through the #EuropeanSolidarityCorps and Erasmus+. Last but not least, we would like to encourage, in this way, the interaction and collaboration between national and international NGOs.

The entries published will be found in the following categories: Experiences, My story, Tips&Tricks, Thoughts and Events. If you have also been volunteering in Transylvania, contact us and we will provide you the space needed for your blog post.


How it begun

The Voluntar în Transilvania blog started as the personal initiative of Lukáš Michálekvolunteer of the "SOLID - Solidari pentru Saschiz" project organized by Centrul de Voluntariat Saschiz.

Main idea for this blog was born from the fact, that there is still a lack of inspiring, informative and imaginary provoking content related to ESC programs and volunteering in general on the internet. We believe that the best way how to generate valuable information is through inspiring other. There is no better way how to achieve this than sharing stories and experiences in creative ways.

Initial mission of this blog was also focused on the volunteers themselves. Simply writing a blog post can therefore turn into an interesting adventure of someone's experience, leading to strengthening of skills like introspection, evaluation, reflection, expression and learning to learn. Let this virtual space empower both readers and contributors!



Lukáš: I am youth work enthusiast and explorer of different creative ways of non-formal education and civic participation. I like to apply my knowledge in cultural anthropology and sociology in practice by helping communities and individuals develop their potential. Volunteering was part of my life since high school, and I love to participate, promote and organize this amazing activity through various projects. By the time this blog was created I was an European Solidarity Corps volunteer and activities facilitator at Asociaţia AUM in Sighişoara.


Denisa: I am a visual arts enthusiast, digital media savvy, creative person. I am a European Solidarity Corps volunteer, and have been passionate about volunteering since I was in middle school, activating in the fields of environmental protection, historical re-enactment and later on in public relations. In 2020 I started promoting solidarity, social responsibility and non-formal education as a Communication Specialist & Creative Manager at Asociaţia AUM in Sighişoara.



This blog is a product of the partnership between Asociaţia AUM and CEVOSaschiz. We are open to new long-lasting partnerships, so if you would like the volunteers of your organization or from your project to consistently contribute to this blog, feel free to contact us at In the meanwhile, the blog is open to anyone who is a volunteer and would like to publish a post about their experience, project, organization, story, thoughts or events.

Centrul de Voluntariat Saschiz:   @CEVOSaschiz is an NGO from Saschiz, a village located close to Sighişoara, Mureş county. Starting from 2019 they have been organizing youth projects through the European Solidarity Corps program, financed and approved by the European Comission. The purpose of this NGO is to promote volunteering activities and non-formal education as necesary elements in personal, professional and community growth, and to involve volunteers in the development of the rural area of Saschiz.

Asociaţia AUM:  @asociatiaaum is an NGO from Sighisoara, Mureş county. Since 2018, they have been implementing youth projects through the European Solidarity Corps program, financed and approved by the European Comission. Their purpose is to promote solidarity and volunteering as a way of engaging into solving issues faced by a community. With the help of national and international volunteers, they create complementary non-formal educational programs for the children, youngsters and adults in Sighisoara.

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