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Be sociable & go with with flow

Mert's Story about how he came to Romania and stayed (Turkey)

Hi, I'm Mert from Turkey. So, a bit of context : the team of volunteers of H.U.M.A.N. project was missing one member, so I joined a couple of months later than the other volunteers. Here's the conclusion I got from embarking on this new journey in Romania.

One of the days, the summer camps were over and it had been 1 month since my arrival in Sighișoara. I was living in a room alone in apartment 3. I'm too lazy to even cook. At that time, there were constant returns from ESC long-term projects and I was thinking if I made a mistake by coming to Romania. Afterwards, I entered the project interviews to try myself and got accepted. I was traveling in Croatia during the interviews and I told the coordinator that I wanted to leave the project because I was going to look for other opportunities and I didn't want to put them in trouble.

Then I returned to Turkey and I was going to change my plane ticket and go to Romania and collect my luggage and come. I got a message from my project coordinator and they said that if I leave the project I will not be able to join another project because I did a short term ESC before. I wanted to complete the project because I learned that it was my last right. The volunteers on my project started in March and were halfway through when I arrived. I felt like I couldn't come between them and stayed away.

Then the Spanish scouts would come, they asked me to move to the next apartment and I quickly moved my belongings within an hour. There were 3 people staying in Apartment 4 and I joined them as the 4th person. And from that moment I realized that the reason I wanted to leave the project was because I distanced myself and didn’t socialize. I'm sooooo happy about everything right now I'll miss our parties and love everyone so much. Get into people rather than being alone in the room, and even if you think your English is not good, try this way to improve it. I made the decisions that would change my life here and when I return to Istanbul, a different and new life awaits me. See you again next year, Sighişoara!

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