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How to shine with your skills during ESC

My story

The start of theatre comes from a high stress that appears when I was doing oral presentation in front of my class at the high school. After that, I have told my mum about it, she was thinking to go to a psychologist but finally the specialist didn’t find something to resolve it. Another time, we were at a school meeting and we have met a parent, who is a theatre teacher in an academy. So that’s how I have started my four years of theatre.

I was going to the academy, each week for two hours, to do some exercises about the emotions, improvisation… and also to rehearse for the theatre play, that we were doing at the end of the year, to show to parents what we have done in the year. The theatre was a good place for me to be more confident and it was also helping me to reduce my stress.

How I have been using it in my volunteering project

One of the activities in my volunteering project (Boomerang- anti-bullying) is to film some episode to deliver information about bullying to the kids in the school. We were using scenes where we were acting in front of camera and also explained in theory our little acted stories. To be one hundred percent into the theatre play, I have done a workshop (exercises: emotion, space management, improvisation…) for the other volunteer. It was comforting to see that the other volunteers liked my acting skills. I was giving a useful and former competence to the group, I was so proud of it. By consequence, I have played more theatre scene because it’s a passion for me.

Tips and Tricks

The participation on ESC project will give you plenty opportunities to develop your own skills. Also, you will have enough space to try new things, to acquire new competences that you don’t have yet. In fact at the end, you will improve yourself in all this domain.

1) You have to do an introspection of your self, to see which skill do you have and which one it’s related to your project. For that, you will have to see in your life, what are your hobbies/passion, something that you like, an element in your character, a competence that you have, …

2) When you know one or multiple skills that you have and you can use in your project, you have to tell your colleague about it, so you can split the different responsibilities between each of you and see the domain where the people feel better to be.

3) Don’t forget to let the others doing their own responsibilities, don’t try to control everything; you have to trust your teammates.

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