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Part 1 of My journey to/in Sighisoara

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Read a mini series of personal story from ex volunteer of AUM association Roxana Lichinteanu.

Looking back at the summer of 2019, I can see myself as being such a different person. I felt so lost after realising that I finished my master and I still don’t know what I want from my life. After getting a degree in Ecomics I realised that my life didn’t change at all, I was still feeling an empty space in my stomach. A fear.


In 2018 I travelled to Czech Republic twice, one time with a scholarship and second time with a traineeship in the beautiful Prague. Uhh ... just thinking about that time my heart is getting bigger and tears appear in my eyes. In the summer of 2019, I got another traineeship in Perugia, Italy. In August 2019 I was traveling in the beautiful Vatican with a friend who helped starting my adult life. A great woman who is still my inspiration and I will always keep her in my heart.

I’d finally come to understand what it had been: a yearning for a way out, when actually what I had wanted to find was a way in. Cheryl Strayed

September 2019 it was the month when, by luck, I found on facebook the advertisment „Voluntering in Sighisoara”. I did not expect to get an answer so fast from Ada, the association coordinator, and to feel so much pleasure of starting something new – becoming a volunteer. I wasn’t very sure what a volunteer would do in this type of NGO, but I gave myself the opportunity to see.


Arriving here, I felt as being part of something. Something more than studying for my own future. Something that was shaping me as person while I was interacting with the beautiful community of Sighisoara and with my colleagues from so many different countries. My main idea, at the beginning, it was to stay in Sighisoara until I will find a workplace in my hometown, Brasov. The days were passing and my soul got somehow amazed by this town, by the opportunities that AUM gave me and by the environment which made me to feel accepted for what and who I am.

Becoming a volunteer

I remember when I went first time in school to present myself to the youngsters. We all were so emotional. It was so beautiful! The Halloween treasure hunt was such an amazing experience for me because I finally participated for my first time at a Haloween event. The children were amazed by walking around the city and playing different games and I was amazed by their happiness. We had so many cards games, darts, drinking games, beautiful moments and the exhausting, challenging and amazing On Arrival Training in Bucharest.

Unfortunetly, some volunteers were starting to leave back home in their countries. First round of volunteers in December 2019 and then in February 2020. So many emotions and feelings. I’ve never had the chance to know so many young people in this way, by living with them 24/7. I learnt so many things from them, even if they were younger than me. Their pure intentions, their love for life and the love for living the moment. Wonderful!

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